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New Season 2020

Hello All and welcome to the brand new website! I’ve been busy behind the scenes since the end of last year planning a makeover for the website and ‘Laura James Millinery’ as a brand. I’m really pleased with how the new site looks (would welcome any feedback!) and can’t wait to receive the new business cards and flyers that I’ve ordered!

I hope you like the new designs too, and the fact that there is now a range of hats that can be hired! I’ve got plenty more new pieces to come too! I’ve tried to use more natural materials and upcycled fabrics where I could to create these pieces to reduce my carbon business footprint.

As I order a lot of materials online I’ve tried to cut down on this by upcycling materials I source myself closer to home (reducing the need for it to be driven or even flown for delivery) and I’m trying to use less feathers (to be more vegan friendly) as well as reducing the amount of dyes that are used to colour them that end up in the worlds rivers & eco systems. I’ve made changes in my personal life so thought why not in my business life too. I’m always open to suggestions so would love to hear how I could make my business more vegan/environmentally friendly!

I’m currently looking into eco packaging and so far how found compostable mailer bags and recycled cardboard display boxes; not had much luck with alternative hat boxes but I’ll keep looking. Here are a few images of the new collection taken on a very windy day down at the farm. I love the style of the photos and the way we caught the natural light through the stable window.

Rosa Boater Hat. Photo by – Rob Hunter Photography
Irena plaited headband. Photo by – Rob Hunter Photography

I feel like I’ve learnt a lot since I started my millinery journey but am looking forward to creating more in 2020 and learning more about photography & how to get ‘the’ shot ! All pieces are now available to buy via the website. If you would like to try any pieces on, or discuss a bespoke creation, please get in touch via the contact page.

Laura x

Allie Metallic Button Hat. Photo by – Rob Hunter Photography

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